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Unique reporting link

Whisly users receive the whistleblowing reports through an online link created specifically for them. You can share this link with your employees, partners or any other person entitled to submit a report by indicating it in your official documents. Through this link, those entitled have the opportunity to submit a report 24/7. So after sharing the link, all you have to do is wait for the reports and conduct the necessary investigations.



Unique reporting channel

It is in the essential interest of the organization to collect all relevant data during the reporting, as this will fundamentally determine the quality of the investigation. Failure to obtain all the necessary information from the reporter during the reporting may jeopardize the entire investigation. However, this should not happen when using Whisly, as the questions in the channel have been specifically tailored to the Whistleblower Directive, so all relevant information will be recorded.

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Unique task manager

Once a suspected fraud has been reported, a report and associated sample workflow is automatically created in the Whisly admin system which guides the user through the tasks required during the investigation. For each tasks, you can add comments, set reminders, attach files and e-mails sent from your business account, or send e-mails directly from the system. In Whisly, all tasks, deadlines and files related to a report can be managed in one place.

Automated templates

The various functions of Whisly were created with the intention of making the investigator’s work as easy as possible. This means not only providing a complex reporting channel and a sample workflow to help you conduct the investigation, but also providing document templates needed during the process. Whisly automatically fills in these templates with the data stored in the software, thus reducing the time spent on the investigation. You can freely format and modify the filled-in template after downloading or upload your own.

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Book an appointment to introduce you the whistleblower software and the process of investigating reports.

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