Everything you need to know about whistleblower softwares in 2022

whistleblower software

More and more organisations around the world decide to implement whistleblower software, which on the one hand is an understandable response to legislative changes, and on the other hand it also reflects the positive attitude of managers, since everybody wants to prevent abuses in their organisations. Whistleblowing in the workplace and whistleblower solutions are beneficial […]

What is whistleblowing and who can be a whistleblower in 2022?

What is whistleblowing and who can be a whistleblower? Although the term ‘whistleblower’ is only to become known in many EU countries thanks to a new EU legislation, in the English-speaking world, whistleblowers have been referred to for centuries as persons who report violation of social order, laws, ethical norms or other written or unwritten […]